Patient Satisfaction


Patient Satisfaction

Overall patients’ satisfaction has been exemplary. Patients have been very appreciative of the entire care delivered at our facility.

There is no consensus in the literature as to the proper treatment of fibroids, but our results prove to us that our overall approach to treatment and our philosophy of management has given our patients the best care considering patient expectations.

However, we conclude by saying that very few women should be subjected to hysterectomy as treatment for uterine fibroids, unless she understands and concurs in hysterectomy as her form of treatment.

Finally, because of the enigma of fibroids and the treatment of fibroids, more information is necessary for patients to benefit from one of the most common benign diseases in women.

Results are difficult to record or document. Reasons for this is loss of contact with patients over a period of time. No long-term study has been designed to motivate patients to respond, and as a result of managed-care plans patients gravitate to new gynecologist; as a result information for follow up is not a high patient priority.

But because of our total patient care the following results have been realized:

  • No blood transfusion given.
  • Significant reduction in pelvic adhesions as determined by observation during C-Sections, second myomectomy or hysterectomy.
  • Recurrence rate established at 15%; no recurrence found in women greater than 48 years of age at the time of myomectomy.
  • Many patients have become pregnant after having had a myomectomy; also patients with previous history of pregnancy loss as a result of uterine fibroids have become pregnant and delivered term babies.
  • Early ambulation and return to work if desired.

The information provided here is for general information or educational purposes only. A complete physical exam and consultation is the only way a medical decision can be reached.